Friday, December 31, 2010

A Series of Letters 3 & 4

     3. Dear Spoon,
You make my hot chocolate better every day. The entire world loves you and wishes you the best. People in China all the way to Antarctica all use your wonderful abilities to nourish and strengthen their bodies. I'm am sure that you will outlive and surpass many inventions in this world. I am sorry that you have had much of your fame replaced with Spork. Spork should never have been made. School cafeterias will forever be plagued by it's presence. But I know that you will prevail. Spoons are just so much more likable. How is your good friend fork doing? I have heard he's been going through some tough times. The Spork-itis sure hit him hard. Spoon, I am a fan of you. I can use you to eat everything from soup to maple syrup to Jello to cookie dough. 
Don't follow the crowds of spoons that are getting their tops filed off to look like a spork, I like you just the way you are. Many others do too.
A Critical Instrument

4. Dear Blog,

I love the way you do everything I want. If I say "jump", you say "how high". You help keep me sane. When I write on you, it is like my thoughts and ideas just come together to form something others can actually understand (most of the time). You are the instrument and port to my creativity and instruction. I will always be proud of you and what you show to others. You are like my child. I created you, and am still shaping you day by day. You are my one of my favorite children (don't tell Phone). Whenever I have something I need to say, sometimes to myself, and sometimes to others, you are there to channel my voice. You have the potential to make a difference. Even if it is only in one individual's life. Thank you for not running away and being obedient to only me. I can't lose you very easily either.



What would you guys say to these objects?

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  1. Dear Username,
    Thank you for pointedly appreciating me! Sometimes I feel I don't get enough of that... I mean, really? Where would everyone be without me? Soup probably never would have been invented. Who eats soup as a fingerfood? Fail.
    I trust in my success as well.... Evel hybrid spork.... Oh, yes, fork is doing much better now. He's rather happeh. (= And, might I say, fully recovered. No more ugly sporkiness for him. (=
    I'll be staying just as I yam, thank you, I am fully on your side with that one. I like myself nice and round. Sharp points are uncomfortable.... (= I'll be just fine, promise. Enjoy your cookie dough!
    Love, Shpoon. ♥