Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome! Come on in! Please, Make Yourself Comfortable. Have a Cookie or Two. Relax.

Hello! I come in peace! Or, at least in pieces. I am quite excited to have started my own blog. It's kind of like a journal, well, a journal that the whole world can read. But nonetheless, this is my territory. Don't worry, I won't mark it. Unfortunately, I am not the most consistent journal writer. That falls to my twin sister. So this public diary may not have daily posts or even weekly posts. But I will keep this blog up and running. Or at least walking. Or maybe even crawling. At least it will still be in the race.
You may have realized by now that I enjoy to ramble. Maybe this blog should be called "How the Cookie Rambles." Rambling gets out my innermost thoughts and ideas. But I will try my best to contain my rambling while still making interesting, or at least tolerable posts. The world is a playground when you have a blog! (*add cheesy smile*) Although, if the world was a playground, there wouldn't be any ovens to make the cookies.
I do love cookies. Especially warm, chocolate chip cookies that are crispy around the edges and perfectly gooey in the center. Sounds good, right? A tall glass of milk makes the entire experience even better. Then add a cold December day and a warm home. Now we have a heavenly mixture that will brighten anyones life.
This is about it! I have just written my first blog post! The first blog post tends to set a theme for the entire blog. In this case, I probably will never come up with a determined topic. But that is fine with me. I enjoy talking about many things. I may use random analogies that make no sense. I will probably relate to cookies now and then. Don't worry, I will always be myself in here.
Who else could I be?
I would like to say a word before we part.
When someone says this you know that they will not stop after only a word. In fact they may continue rambling until your eyes glaze over and you start imagining large butterflies flitting in and out of the speakers ears. Unless that person is named Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Ah, what a cool guy. I wish I could shake his hand. Too bad he's dead. What was I saying? Oh yes! A word.
Thank you.
Or maybe just
Or Ciao.
--Ima Cook, E.


  1. I came in, I sat down, and I never got those cookies.
    Or the milk.
    Please send them as quickly as possible. Priority mail will suffice.

  2. Sending them now. Not sure how the milk will hold up... Isn't the background food enough?

  3. Too bad I had to read this on a Fast Sunday.

  4. Michael makes very good choc chip cooks!