Monday, December 6, 2010

On the Magic School Bus...

E=MC^2. Or that's what my chemistry teacher says. My energy mostly comes from music, unicorns, and good food. Energy is an interesting thing. It can not be created or destroyed. Only converted. My energy seems to get converted all the time. When I start the day, I feel energized by the potential that the day brings. As I continue throughout the day, the energy seems to go up and down like a roller coaster. Seeing certain people gives me more energy. Seeing other people seems to drain my energy away like a thirsty mosquito. My math teacher is one of the people that drain me. She is quite an amazing math teacher. She knows her stuff better than any teacher I know. But she has this strange ability to drain the atmosphere of creative energy. And she converts all of that energy into numbers that dance in my head and make strange patterns on the board. I simply try to survive the class long enough that I understand the concept, then I succumb to the dancing numbers and let them carry me away. So now I propose another algorithm for energy. E=MCFS^2Π/WE
'M' is for music.
'C' is for cookies (that's good enough for meeee ♪♪).
'F' is for friends.
'S' squared is for seminary and sleep.
All divided by 'W'eek'E'nds.
And just a little bit of Π. (pi)
☺<--- attempted smiley face :)
What is your source of energy?


  1. My source of energy is universe juice.

  2. great post Michael - one of my sources of energy is seeing my kids do creative things like start blogs, ballroom dance or improve their time dramatically in cross country.