Sunday, January 2, 2011

Please, Don't feed the Clownfish (too much).

I really love smiling, don't you? Whenever I see someone smiling, it makes me smile also. :) :) :D :D. After I smile for about ten or fifteen minutes straight, my cheeks get kind of sore, and I feel a bit light-headed. I love it. It's a good kind of feeling!

Well, speaking of smiling makes me want to laugh. Laughing is also a great thing. Laughing make the world go round. If only it could be converted into energy... And, speaking of laughing makes me want to tell a joke! I just love jokes. They make me smile.

Listen to I'm a clownfish from Bruce Spence

... Isn't he great? Nemo's dad would make a great History professor though!I actually did find a comedian a couple of days ago that was pretty, truly, undeniably funny. And even better, he's clean! 
 Tim Hawkins! (someone go give him a cookie)  You may have heard of him, or you might not have. Either way, hopefully this makes you smile. Or maybe even laugh. And, it might even make you cry. (In a good way, of course. (hopefully)) .Hopefully this will help us cope with school tomorrow... (it did for me).What a better way to start our New Year?
Ladies and Gents, Tim Hawkins! (or, what I could find of him on YouTube.)
The rest are on YouTube.There. Now go make him famous. :)Haha hoho hehheh.Got any comedians you like? Merry New Year! 
-Colorblind Fish

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