Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eh? Yeh.

I have decided to create a post about certain things I love. And HATE!!!
I love...toothpicks. (And many more things, but this was the first thing that came to mind. Therefore, I will write mostly about toothpicks)

They are soooo useful and can be used for many things other than dental hygiene.
Let's get creative here.
Toothpicks could be used for:

  • A substitute for a quill.
  • Firewood!
  • Earrings.
  • Paint them green and you could have artificial grass!
  • Linkin' logs (yes, this is entirely made of toothpicks)
  • Very thin friends (name them then place them randomly about your room)
  • Very thin enemies (Caution: highly flammable... name them, then 'MWAHAHAHA')
  • Utensils (sharp, pointy, and perfect for carrying bite-sized samples)
  • Darts (sharp, pointy, and perfect for carrying poisonous substances)
  • Jenga blocks
  • A picket fence
  • Castle defenses
Ok, it's a stretch.

crazy fun laughing cool images of city of toothpicks 12 Cool pics of Got toothpicks and six years? | Super funny cool pictures

I HATE... cold fingers.

When I have cold fingers (such as now), I can't:
 Play the piano
t Y ppp E
Get my fingers warm
Even feel my fingers

But I can:
Put them on my siblings' necks and watch them transform into my minions
Use my finger as a hammer
Drink hot chocolate ( I feel justified)
Throw snowballs
Use them as renewable ice cubes

This is my brain on enough sleep.
I get random.
The End!


  1. Hmm. I agree on both points; toothpicks are wonderful little devices, and cold fingers really stink. (Hopefully not literally.) I have to tell you about this ingenious idea I had for toothpicks. Take a little round, hollow thing and glue the sharp ends of toothpicks to the outside. Add a keyhole and some hinges, and you've got a perfect [enter rare object here] protector! I should patent this...

  2. Haha, we could put some Plutonium in it and use it as a weapon! I like it :) Better hurry and patent it, or I might pull a Thomas Edison on you. Now we really need to find some sort of thingamajig that keeps your fingers warm while protecting valuable objects.