Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 Hello! First, here is some music to help with reader satisfaction. Yes, it's a video... but I don't know how to upload music yet. You may skip right over this, listen as you read the post, or simply listen and watch the cool video.:

I drew a picture today!

Procrastination inspires creativity. Not very much productivity though.

This picture is dedicated to Miranda.
And to her future echidna friend.

For those who may not know what an echidna is, you are in good company. I didn't either, until about 2 minutes ago.

This is an echidna. They look so happy! To bad they're endangered...

On the more creative side...
Now is the part of the show where Michael comes out, and recites a haiku or two.

I thought of these after seeing the flower things that people (mostly girls) are wearing in their hair these days. It made me think of spring and warm weather. It was seven degrees today!
Well, here goes:

Sunflowers blossom,
What will they say to the sun?
Shine, that I may climb.

When the sun does down,
Half the earth will say fairwell
For the moon brings peace.

Unusual dreams,
Carry me on soaring wing,
Inspiration blooms.

And... now I end.


  1. Do you guys think this is too random?

  2. Perhaps a teeny tiny bit, but "too?" Notsomuch.
    Okay, I just about died after the first Haiku, because it was SO AMAZING. It made me VERY happy. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem, wih such lovely imagery. (= (You're awesome. (= I like you. A lot. xD )

  3. Thank you! I love Haiku poems. I'm glad you liked the ones I managed to type out!