Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Firm a Foundation (that Jenga requires)

Chapstick is an amazing substance.
It has saved my lips on more than one occasion.
I especially enjoy flavored chapstick. It's like a candle that you can eat.

Anyways, I digress.
I am amazed you are still reading this post.

Today I drove over the river and through the woods (or, over the railroad tracks and through the rain) to my grandmothers house with my siblings to visit. It was the best decision I made all week. Not only did I get to play Jenga and test my creative architectural skills, I also found that almost nothing is more fulfilling than spending a Sunday night with family I love.
(We made it to 30 levels high of Jenga... Hoorah!)
(a little tower I built)
(the only one that didn't get knocked over...)

After Jenga, My grandmother shared some stories of her mother's childhood in The Great Depression. It was humbling to hear all the things she lived without. It made me think how blessed I am to live in my circumstances.

I hope everyone else had a great Sunday! Mine was made even better with the knowledge that we have no school tomorrow! The tennis courts are beckoning.



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